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The Cancer Report

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3:9 - The Science Report: Mummies Contain Clues to Colon Cancer
Загружено 22 июля 2018
Researchers studying the history of colon cancer are turning to an unusual source: centuries old Hungarian mummies. Originally published at - http...
1:19:7 - Доклад за Рака (с Бг субтитри) - The cancer report - Bg subs, документален филм
Загружено 9 февраля 2016
1:19:8 - The Cancer Report
Загружено 16 декабря 2015
This documentary catalogs how allopathic medicine established dominance in the early part of the 20th Century, and how natural medicines were arbitrarily banned from the medical profession, despite the basis of this decision being scientifically unsound. The wholesale transition from natural medicines to chemical ones was based on financial and political reasons, at the expense of the patients.This documentary exposes the carnage of the cancer industry, the financial interests that molded it, and why it
1:19:8 - The Cancer Report (Full Version).flv
Загружено 30 декабря 2014
In the title, wakey wakey, colliodal silver, Organic (what our grandparents called food) grown, clean water, H2O2, what we're taught are weeds, dandelion, nettle, and many more herbal remedies, bicarbonate of soda, mung beans, will all beat cancer, those diagnosed who refuse big pharmas 'treatments' live 4 times longer, marijuana, Vitamin c,sunlight the list is endless. contact your MP, Doctor, ask questions, be the change.

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